Information Technology

Information Technology Cluster: Network Systems and Computer Services Program

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    Fee: $15.00
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Information Technology Fundamentals

Fee: $25
Grades: 9-12th

A one-credit course that introduces students to the knowledge base and technical skills for information technology careers. Students study the nature of business and demonstrate knowledge of the functions of information systems in business. Emphasis is placed on maintaining a safe working environment and on building interpersonal skills needed for working in the information technology environment. Students demonstrate appropriate knowledge and behaviors regarding legal responsibilities of information technology professionals. They explore a variety of information technology career opportunities and develop a personal career plan to meet career goals and objectives.


Networking I

Fee: $25
Grades: 10-12th

A one-credit course designed to provide students with skills involving a hands-on, career-oriented approach to learning networking that includes practical experiences. This course includes activities that emphasize the application of networking in terms of implementation and career opportunities.

PREREQUISITE: Information Technology Fundamentals

Networking II

Fee: $25
Grades: 11-12th

A one-credit course designed to provide students with skills involving hands-on learning by installing a router, configuring a server, and performing disaster recovery. This course includes a strong emphasis on proper safety practices and industry ethics.

PREREQUISITE: ITF and Networking I

Networking III

Fee: $25
Grades: 11-12

Networking III is a one-credit course designed to provide students with skills needed to perform routing and switching in an enterprise network. Students configure a switch with virtual local area networks (VLANs) and inter-switch communication. Students perform troubleshooting using a structured methodology.

PREREQUISITE: ITF, Networking I, and Networking II