Family & Consumer Sciences

Human Services Cluster (Not all classes are offered each year.)

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    Fee: $15.00
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Family and Consumer Sciences

Fee: $25
Grades: 9-12th

A one-credit course that serves as the foundation course for the Human Services cluster, except for the Personal Care Services pathway. Course content provides opportunities for students to explore the core content included in the Family Studies and Consumer Sciences; Early Childhood Development and Services; Fashion; Interior Design; Food, Wellness, and Dietetics; and Consumer Sciences pathways. Major topics are marriage and family life, parenting and caregiving, consumer services, apparel, housing, food and nutrition, and technology and careers. This course is not a prerequisite for courses included in all pathways within the cluster; however, students are encouraged to take the course before entering a pathway.


Food and Nutrition

Fee: $25
Grades: 10-12th

A one-credit-or half-credit course. Topics include the impact of daily nutrition and wellness practices on long-term health and wellness; physical, social, and psychological aspects of healthy nutrition and wellness choices; selection and preparation of nutritious meals and snacks based on United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Dietary Guidelines and Food Guide Pyramid; safety, sanitation, storage, and recycling processes and issues associated with nutrition and wellness; impacts of science and technology on nutrition and wellness issues; and nutrition and wellness career paths.


Sports Nutrition

Fee: $25
Grades: 11-12th

A one-credit course. This course is designed for students interested in health, fitness, and sports performance. This course examines the relationship between nutrition, physical performance, and overall wellness. Students will learn how to choose nutritious foods for healthy lifestyles and peak performance of athletes. Health and disease prevention through nutrition, physical activity, and wellness practices are essential components of the course. This course emphasizes the metabolic process and management of food choices for optimal health and physical performance. Students are challenge to develop personal fitness and nutrition plans.


Event Planning

Fee: $25
Grades: 9-12th

A one-credit course. Students will learn to organize and plan all aspects of business and social events. Concepts taught in this course is:

  • Developing a budget and event plan schedule; and, room and space requirements.
  • Determining the theme and location; and the understanding of legal issues in event planning.
  • Planning for the event with activities, transportation needs, guest list, entertainment, food and beverage services.
  • Training of staff, staging the event, and conducting post-evaluations of events.

Students demonstrate leadership characteristics and make decisions based on integrating knowledge of financial, human resources, promotion, and event management principals. This class not only focuses on party & event planning, but also prepares students to host general gatherings & events.


Fee: $25
Grades: 9-12th

A one-credit course. The course allows students to focus on parenting roles and responsibilities. Content provides opportunities for students to explore family structures and stages of the family life cycle; roles and responsibilities of parents across the life span; factors influencing the decision to become a parent; preparation for parenthood; birth defects; challenges of teen pregnancy and parenthood; signs and changes in pregnancy; prenatal development, labor, and delivery; stages of  child development; children with exceptionalities; meeting physical, health, and safety needs of children and adolescents; positive parent-child relations; guidance and discipline of children and adolescents; sources of parenting information, support, and assistance; technology impacting parenting; and career opportunities related to parenting. Observational experiences are encouraged in this course.