Business Management

Business Management and Administration Cluster

Business Technology  & Microsoft IT Academy

Fee: $25
Grades: 9-12th

A one-credit foundation course designed to assist students in developing technological proficiencies in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, communications, Internet use, ethics, and careers using technology applications. Simulations and projects promoting teamwork, leadership, and workplace skills offer further opportunities for application of knowledge and skills. Applications covered: Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Microsoft Office Certifications are offered for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Law in Society

Fee: $25
Grades: 9-12th

A one-credit course designed to acquaint students with basic legal principles common to business and personal activities. This course is an overview of criminal, civil, contract, and consumer law. Topics include evaluating contracts, purchasing appropriate insurance, interpreting state and federal criminal law, and representing other businesses as employee or contractor.


Multimedia Design

Fee: $25
Grades: 9-12th

A one-credit course designed to provide students with hands-on skills involving graphic design, digital photography, Web publishing, and digital video production. Students use various hardware peripherals and software for completing documents.

PREREQUISITE: Business Technology Applications

Workforce Essentials

Fee: $30
Grades: 9-12th

A one-credit course that provides students with higher-level academic and occupational skills that are transferable across jobs and occupational areas. Emphasis is placed on academic foundations for careers, applied technology, career development and employment, entrepreneurship and business economics, social and ethical responsibility, leadership, and teamwork, safety and health, and technical knowledge and skills. Students build on prior knowledge, strengths, interests, and needs that enhance preparation for future employment and continuing education and training.


Cooperative Education Work-Based Learning
(400122, 400133, 400144, 400212)

Grades: 11-12th

Designed to provide students with the opportunity to connect knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom with those obtained in an occupational setting. Students will develop a portfolio of academic, technological occupational and work-readiness skills. Skills obtained through this course lead to the availability of a better-trained labor pool, addressing critical business and industry demands within our geographical area. In order to receive one credit for the class students must work 140 hours per year; for two credits 280 hours per year. Hours may be obtained through (apprenticeship) paid work experience or (internship) unpaid work experience. The Cooperative Education Work-Based Learning (WBL) program is supervised by an ACTC Coordinator. Students may enroll in one WBL class (7th period) or two WBL classes (6th & 7th periods). Students are required to leave campus during these periods. Students are required to have transportation from school to work.

PREREQUISITE: Must apply and have PRIOR approval of a WBL Coordinator. Must secure employment prior to enrollment, and maintain employment in order to stay in the course.

Work Based Learning Student Impact on Autauga County


  • 400122 Cooperative Education Work-Based Experience-First Credit
  • 400133 Cooperative Education Work-Based Experience-Second Credit
  • 400144 Cooperative Education Work-Based Experience-Third Credit
  • 400212 Cooperative Education Work-Based Experience-Fourth Credit

Career Tech Student Organization:

  • FBLA
    (Future Business Leaders of America)
    Fee: $15.00
  • DECA
    Fee: $30.00
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