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  Mission Statement  


The VISION of the Autauga County School System is

                                                 "Learning Today...Leading Tomorrow."



The MISSION of the Autauga County Technology Center is to provide excellent educational experiences for all students to be successful in life.


  About The School  

BIC Accreditation

Business Industry Certification (BIC) standards were developed in 1998 by business/industry representatives and educators.  The standards were certified by the International Organization of Standardization in 2003.  The standards establish and maintain a quality accountability system for improvement and enhancement of Career/Technical Education.  BIC promotes preparedness of Alabama's students for success in tomorrow's workforce and in life.  (

Each program at the Autauga County Technology Center has met the required standards for initial BIC accreditation and maintains continued compliance on an annual basis.


Career and Technical Education Program

Image for Career and Technical Education Program


The Autauga County Technology Center offers a diverse curriculum designed to prepare students for entry in to the workforce or for further study in the postsecondary setting.  The course of study offers courses that provide rigor and relevance for students by linking school based learning with career-related experiences.  Autauga County's Career and Technical Education Program follows the state adopted Career and Technical Education model.  This model includes sixteen career clusters.  These clusters include courses that identify academic and technical knowledge and skills needed for students to pursue a wide range of career opportunities.  Twelve of the sixteen national clusters are currently offered.  Please refer to the Career Tech Programs section on the website for a list of programs available.